Cool  We recommend the following for placing the "diamonds" onto your map. All maps some with 48 crystals and 1 red stone for your home state or province.

We recommend using  "Ladies Fingernail Glue"
Two methods to place stone:
Hold the stone with tweezers. To place the stones on the map, put women's nail glue on a toothpick, then on the stone. Place the stone on the map.


Take a wooden toothpick and blunt the ends . Place a drop of "Ladies Fingernail" Glue onto a paper plate. Poke the toothpick into the glue. Transfer a drop of glue to the desired state. Wet the other end of the toothpick with your tongue, then touch the top of the desired diamond with the moist end of the toothpick. The moisture on the end of the toothpick will lift the diamond. You can now transfer the diamond to your desired state.
The Red Diamond is to be placed in your home state...Enjoy.

Remember... It is not the destination, it is the journey

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